Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are they all in your group?

by Kristin

I like to read and hope that all the kiddos will grow up loving to escape with a good book as much as I do. Albuquerque has a wonderful summer reading program. This is our 3rd summer, and today was our favorite show of the summer (Mr Stinky Feet). We did not get to go to our favorite library (Ernie Pyle) to see the show, but all the same I think the kids liked that the show was inside. They got to—were even encouraged to—yell UNDERPANTS as loud as they could along with the song inside the library! Isaiah is still laughing about that--it was a rare treat.

We baffled yet another adult, though. The library-lady trying to make sure each child got adequate rewards for time reading wondered aloud if the kids were “all in your group?”. My response, "Yes, I'm the mom." (I’ve never thought of myself and the kids as a group before.)

And I think Faith should get the line light again today. She said, “Shadow licked me”. I replied in the affirmative. Faith then comments, “I no licks cats”.

I didn’t look if she had a mouthful of hair; some things a two-year old says you just take their word for it.

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