Saturday, January 06, 2007

We Should All Have an Epiphany

Each year Kristin and I exchange gifts and present gifts to the children on January 6th. What makes it different than typical Christmas gifts is that Epiphany gifts are specifically designed to encourage faith in each other.

Here's a portion of an interesting article from Veritas Press on Epiphany.

The Christmas tree is down, the wrapping paper is on the trash pile, and all the decorations have been put away, but your celebration need not stop. For most Christians, now is the time for rejoicing because, beginning with January 6th, the season of Epiphany begins. During this time the church celebrates the offer of the Gospel to the Gentiles. The good news of Jesus’ birth comes to the whole world with the arrival of the Magi (traditionally named Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthazar), representing Europe, Arabia, and Africa, arriving on horse, camel and elephant, and bringing, respectively, gold, frankincense and myrrh to Bethlehem.

And, what does this matter to us today? As Peter Leithart says, “Epiphany, which began on January 6, means ‘Manifestation,’ and the season commemorates the appearance of Jesus to the Magi, the firstfruits of the gatherings of the Gentiles. Epiphany reminds us that Jesus came as the Light of the world, and that we are sent to call the nations to that Light. It reminds us that the mission is not a program of the church, but the very essence of the church. Epiphany season is an exhortation to be an “apostolic” church, a sent out people.”

The Gentiles! Most of us! Epiphany celebrates the first invitation to the Gentiles to become a children of God. Sounds to me like something to celebrate. Sounds like something to remember. Sounds like something to teach our children.

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