Monday, December 18, 2006

What third world Presbyterians can teach us

We spent an enjoyable evening with some friends who hosted a family who will soon be moving to the Philippines with Mission to the World. I asked him if his time among Filipino Presbyterians has revealed any blind spots in Western Presbyterianism. He responded with, "the doctrine of the Holy Spirit." We have a hard time believing in spiritual warfare, demon-possession, and the like, but I'm told it's more apparent in the East.

Kristin and I had an unusually tough day today; it was more than just a typical bad homeschooling day. There was a painful phone call, weird bills in the mail that have to be straightened out, and medical bureaucracies that choose today to be obstinate.

We ended the day frustrated and feeling defeated, but also thinking back to last night's discussion that maybe this could be spiritual warfare. If it is, the gospel reminds me that God has a good purpose in these things, too.

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