Sunday, December 10, 2006

Front page for religious feminists

The above-the-fold, front page headline in today's Albuquerque newspaper is "Female Pastors Discuss the Trials and Rewards of Their Chosen Career Path." There is no timely news event that justifies the prominent place in the paper; it's simply a puff piece for religious feminists.

Of course it opens with Galatians 3:28 (i.e. there is no male or female in Christ, we all are one), and how that verse means so much to female pastors everywhere. One wonders how any pastor can, with clear conscience, apply this verse in such an unfounded way. As expected, there is scant mention given to the solid Biblical reasons for excluding women from the pastorate (1 Tim 2:12, for starters). Instead evangelicals and Roman Catholics are portrayed as following tradition--an apparently out-moded and discriminatory tradition.

To understand the Biblical position more fully, check out the Council on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood.

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