Monday, December 11, 2006


A cloudy Monday and a tedious workday was suddenly brightened when I was given an opportunity to present the Gospel to a co-worker who was raised a Unitarian but is now agnostic.

God's providence in these matters is always intriguing. Earlier in the day I walked over to his part of the building to get some info I need for a project. At that moment he was leading a heated conversation supporting a recent Court decision to stop giving special benefits to prisoners for participating in a Christian prison ministry. I did not enter into the conversation, got the info I needed and went back to my part of the building. Later, at the water cooler, he walked up and wanted me to know he wasn't putting down Christianity. This led to a natural discussion about his beliefs; I wasn't surprised to learn he believed that if he is good enough he'll be taken care of when he dies because if there is a God he must be good. Referring to the 10 commandments, I talked with him about God's holiness, our problem with a holy God, and the only solution that we have in Jesus as a substitute for us.

He listened with some interest as I exhorted him to consider the claims of the Bible and its trustworthiness for teaching us what to believe about God and us. What a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull Monday.

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