Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The benefits of serving

When we moved here Kristin and I decided to get involved serving Christ in our community. When we failed to do this in other assignments those times were drier and less content. Isn't that ironic? Contentment eluded us until we stopped focusing on ourselves.

Kristin has been volunteering at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Like other mercy ministries in this country, there's mercy given and there's mercy abused. There are those that want free ultrasounds, etc, just because their insurance won't cover them and they don't want to spend their own money. There has even been a woman who called the CPC trying to sell her baby to the highest bidder. Amazingly, she became irate when the CPC wasn't interested in making a wager.

Last week there was a young teenage girl whose mom doesn't let her date yet now has a positive pregnancy test. The equally young boyfriend came in with her and is very scared. The only thing keeping the girl from getting an abortion is the $300 that Planned Parenthood (next building over) charges. So I'm thankful for the free counseling, ultrasounds, and prayer that the CPC provides. It opens your eyes to the needs lying just below the surface in the people all around you.

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