Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Southerner in a Winter Wonderland

This part of the country is blanketed in a dry snow today. It snowed all day and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon.

I grew up in South Carolina, so I seldom had the opportunity to play in a Winter Wonderland, much less see a White Christmas. There's a lot of latent snowball fighting and sledding pent up in me. Today I enjoyed some of those boyhood longings. Eli, at 7 yrs, is at a great age to experience this too.

However, I did stand-out as the Southerner on my block. I was shoveling my drive-way when the neighbor across the street pulls out his snowblower. It must have been a signal because his next-door neighbor soon revved his up. And moments later the neighbor on the other side fired up the MOASB (mother of all snow blowers) which can spew snow across the street. The South may pride itself over monster trucks, but now I know that Yankees have the coolest snow toys.

6 inches and deepening by the moment


Electronic_Van said...

As someone who has to shovel snow, I'll say that a snowblower isn't really that necessary until you get that heavy wet snow stuff. Just put your kids to work shoveling, btw.

Tim said...

After setting a new 24-hour record for snowfall, I was glad to be offered the use of the MOASB's today. That's the way to clear a long driveway.

Meredith said...

I really enjoyed this post and the picture. Brings back memories from my Yankee days. I'm a Yankee living in the South now. My parents recently sold their snowblower. My dad sure was glad to get rid of that thing. Happy sledding!