Thursday, December 30, 2004

Life Support

To open a post with "Today, my wife almost slipped into a coma", seems out of place on a blog, but it's true. Kristin has had diabetes since she was three and today her insulin pump malfunctioned. We didn't catch it until her blood sugar reading was off the scale of the meter. This bad situation was complicated by being stuck on the interstate, an hour from home and the insulin she desperately needed. As she battled to stay conscious my thoughts turned to the opening line in the Heidelberg Catechism answer #28, "we can be patient when things go against us." God saw us home safely and in a few hours, thanks to a few heavy doses of synthetic insulin, she was up and around.

It's sobering to be so dependent on something outside of you, that without it, you'd die in a matter of hours. We are all this way, our life is a vapor, and void of what is needed to support life. Thanks be to God for the manifold ways He preserves each of us. And thanks be to the Great Physician who not only delivers us from diseases, but more importantly, from sin.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

So glad the Lord provided for you in that harrowing situation. And, as you point out, that He provides for all of His children who are in the harrowing position of being sinners. Would that we all knew ourselves to be as desperate for grace at every moment as Kristin was for insulin yesterday!

Tim said...

Exactly! Thanks for putting it clearer than I was able to last night.

Suzanne said...

It is very sobering indeed to realize just how close we all are to disaster without the grace of God.
My friend who works as an ICU nurse witnesses daily how people who were perfectly fine one moment became ill or were in life-threatening accidents the next moment.
You are just more aware of how dependent we ALL are on God's grace.
We all need to get back into the Putitan habit of saying, "God wiling" after discussing future plans.
Praise God for His mercy to you and yours.