Saturday, December 25, 2004

In the Darkness Shining (Barely)

Here's an invitation to the Christmas Eve Services at Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA); the ad ran in the Dayton Daily News.


See how they struck out "faithful"? How symbolic of them!

If you can't read the print in the ad, here's what it says,

Absolute faith is not a requirement in our church. An open heart is. Come join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And you may just find that faith is the greatest Christmas present of all.

Absolute faith? What does that mean? It mustn't be important since it's not a requirement in their church,...even though it may be "the greatest Christmas gift of all."

Like many PCUSA churches, they have a beautiful cathedral--what a shame. Our Presbyterian church (OPC) meets in a basketball/multi-purpose court in a Seventh Day Adventist facility. But we get to worship a beautiful God. And that's way better.


Anonymous said...

As a pastor, a lot of "ministry resources" advertisements cross my desk. You might find it interesting that I've seen this one for the last couple of years marketed to Evangelical churches. They wouldn't keep the product available if it weren't selling.

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

There are no absolutes -- no absolute truth, no absolute morals, no absolute anything -- ergo absolute faith cannot be required. You should know that, Tim...absolutely!

Tim said...


Oh yeah, I had forgotten about those marketing advertisements. Since my family moves often we tend to end up on the list of "new people" and get the mass mailings from time to time.

What was more disappointing is that out of a full page of glossy advertisements about Christmas Eve services, not one church pointed out that Jesus' coming is only good news for those who repent. None mentioned that His coming is especially bad news for those that don't.

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

Perhaps, Tim, that's because those who understand "that Jesus' coming is only good news for those who repent," and "that His coming is especially bad news for those that don't," also understand that the God-ordained vehicle for delivering that message is the right preaching of His Word, not Madison Avenue gimmickry.