Friday, December 25, 2009

Chrismas memories 2009

It was the night before Christmas, but it was not a silent night.

THE DAY finally arrived. The children were either levitating or salivating, depending on the age.

Isaiah unwrapped his Nerf Tommy Gun, featuring a 35 dart magazine.His rate of fire averages 2.5 shots per second, and the range is about 25-30 feet. So if you visit our house, come prepared to eat some Nerf.

Faith, on the other hand, may ask you to model for her latest Play-Dough sculpture.

My Gracie Poo looks way too old in this photo. I'm gonna have to get me a Tommy Gun soon.

Eli's spy vehicle, with its remote-controlled audio/video feed, may come in handy as a parental control tool in the days ahead. Any gift for a boy in this family is also a gift for me.

All Zeke needed for Christmas was one more train. Always just one more. This little gift earned a happy dance from Z (wish I had the video camera handy).

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