Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Blind Side

When WORLD magazine ran a cover story on the movie The Blind Side, which tells the story of a very shy, large, and homeless boy from the projects and his adoption by an upper class family in Memphis, Kristin and I were itching to see it. Thanks to visiting grandparents last night we were able to.

After reading WORLD's gushing review our expectations for the movie were so high I was concerned it would turn out to be a let down. In terms of some of the casting choices, dialog, and basic acting skills I doubt it will be a contender for an Academy Award. Yet the story in this movie is indeed a rare jewel. The fact that the story is true gives it power. The scenes from the projects and the contrast with affluent Southern culture is accurately done.

But what sets this movie apart from other true stories is that the love this family showed to one orphaned child could also be shown by you and me, right where we are at, right now. The end result would certainly be different than this movie's ending, but it need not be any less glorious in God's eyes. The reality of poverty and children in desperate need in our own backyard is undeniable. This movie reveals the joy of sharing with those in need and how it transforms both the giver and the receiver.

I hope you'll see it. Its effect on your heart and mind will last long after the credits roll.


Elle said...

Hi Tim, Jim and I saw the movie over Thanksgiving. We were also equally delighted with the story. Having read the book excerpt, I was anticipating the movie. We were both so touched as we considered the grace of God in our lives to bring N & M to us and out of circumstances that could have been as depicted. Loved your Christmas card. Glad to see your family thriving in the Lord! Blessings to you.

Tim said...

We're looking forward to reading the book and have requested it from the library.

I hope it's mostly about the Oher story and not so much about the importance of the left tackle position.