Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tale of a bad date night

If last night's date had been my first with Kristin I'd probably never see her again.

I'll put the good news up front; WE HAVE FOUND A GOOD BABYSITTER. This is an answer to prayer for us as I have shared with our covenant group.

Now for the rest of the story in which whatever Tim does goes wrong. Once the sitters (2) were settled I drove Kristin to my favorite Chinese place. Turns out it was closed for a private party. That's a wasted drive, but we quickly re-grouped because we were pretty hungry and there's lots of good restaurants in Albuquerque when you don't have kids with you. We decided on Greek (which the kids hate), so we drove to one we liked across town. We got there, parked in a riduclously small parking spot, went to enter the restaurant and found the door locked. It was closed for repairs which explains why there was an old, grumpy-looking Greek guy on the roof when I pulled up! I returned to the car, sat there and wondered how hard can it be to find an open restaurant in Albuquerque on a Saturday evening!

I made up my mind that I had had enough. We were near the university campus, hungry, and desperate. We saw a deli and were willing to settle for it. I parked the car (this time dusting off my parallel parking skills) and walked up to The Cheba Hut advertising "Toasted Subs". As we walked in I noticed some strange college-looking signs and posters but it didn't register until it was too late. This was a very pro-pot (as in marijuna) kind of place! No matter how much we stood out in this place, we were there and we were hungry. We tried to overlook the Cheech and Chong posters, Bob Marley photos, and other pot-culture fanfare. We opted to eat outside in case the cops decided to bust the joint during the dinner hour.

After quickly finishing off the sandwich, it was time to head to our next disappointment. We drove over to Justin's house, about 20 minutes away, to check on it (how romantic of me). After we pulled into the driveway I realized that the keys to his house were still back at my house. "Haa haa honey, let's go do something else!"

I won't bore you with more details but suffice it to say that other things we tried to do last night were either closed, broke, or broke while we were there. The Cheba Hut was the highlight of the evening. And I'm glad Kristin married me.


Haley said...

Oh, Tim, that's hilarious. I am sure Kristin was very understanding. My parents whole marriage is a tale of how you can overcome a bad first date. It's a long story, but it was a new year's eve blind date to a terrible dinner party that ended with my mom having to go with my dad's entire family to pick my dad's brother up after he totaled my dad's car, which my dad had loaned to him for the night. Then when they dropped my mom off, a guy she had been seeing was waiting in her parents' driveway to threaten to beat my dad up for taking her out. Every time they tell that story I can't believe they ever went out again.

DieselRV said...

I've had days like that as of late where Murphy is alive and well. Sorry to hear the date night bombed but I'm sure you'll laugh about it in years to come. :-)