Thursday, October 02, 2008

Been in trouble with the law

On the way home from work today a police cruiser side-swiped me. The collision smashed the passenger side of my car and blew out my tire. The police car's front was peeled off like a banana.

As I watched more and more police officers show up at the scene of the accident and overheard the driver of the police car (a young airmen) tell his side of the story again and again I started to worry about how this might turn out. Then the investigating officer came over to me and opened with the words, "We're not going to arrest you, but...". It looked like I was going to have to pay for the damage and receive a serious citation for "failing to yield to an emergency vehicle."

Thankfully, in God's providence, a friend showed up and recommended getting the legal office involved if they continued to try to pin fault on me when it was obvious from the impact point on my car who was at fault. That advice worked very well. Within an hour I was cleared from any blame and allowed to leave. After I replaced the mauled tire.

Kristin says the car is invisible because people are always pulling out in front of us. We were hit a couple of months ago by a truck pulling out of a parking space. The driver of the truck said he didn't see me.

So now I have matching damage on both sides.


Brad said...

Always glad to come across a story where the heroes are attorneys. Rare.

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

Wow-what a story. I'm so glad you are ok and that you got the help you needed. Maybe your next car should be bright red?

Hope you are all doing well. I always enjoy reading about your sweet family.

Tim said...

Good point, Brad.

Melene, thanks for the tip. We've talking about affixing one of those large American flags to the top of the car like some monster trucks have. BTW, Kristin and I are (im)patiently waiting to hear Joe's assignment news.

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

Tim, I feel the same way you do about Joe's assignment. His boss has told him he is going to Air War College and we are excited about that-we just have to wait until later this month to find out which one. He put schools all in the D.C. area on his dream sheet-with the hopes of getting a Pentagon assignment to follow and make one less move. But, we'll just have to wait and see if God's plan is the same as ours. :)

Great idea to put the large American flag on your car!