Sunday, October 26, 2008

A preacher's nightmare

Since our pastor is out of the country I preached today. Now that it's over I'll share a dream (a nightmare really) about the sermon from a couple of nights ago.

I dreamed that I arrived at church in a raggety t-shirt and shorts. Only 4 people came to church and I forgot my Bible. I borrowed one but when I opened it in the pulpit the letters were so tiny that I couldn't read any of the words. I squinted and stared at it long enough that people started whispering to each other and chuckling. So I borrowed another one. But this one was like a magazine; there were advertisements all through it and even though I feverishly searched I couldn't find my Scripture text any where in it. Now the congregation (all visitors in my dream) was cracking on me outloud and eventually I just gave up and left.

Before leaving the house this morning I double and triple checked that I had my Bible with me.


SaraMelene said...

I have no doubt your sermon was a blessing to all who heard. I remember having dreams like that on the nights leading up to my senior recital in college.

By the way, we know where we're going next summer....Washington D.C.! It was our first choice and we're so happy. Joe will be attending school at ICAF.

Tim said...

That's good news for you! I'm happy for you and proud of Joe.