Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting to know someone that is suffering terribly

Can you remember feeling like you want to help someone but you don't know how?

Several times a week we spend a little time with a young woman whose son is on Eli's baseball team. She has liver cancer and by all indications is without Christ in her life. She is going through a very intense chemotherapy (as a last chance effort) and can barely make it to her son's games. Whenever I see her hobbling up the stands with a bandanna covering her bare head I feel godly sorrow for her situation. Then something usually happens that brings out feelings of righteous anger.

Instead of going into that here I will only say that this woman is in a very troubled marital situation.

Pray for us and our interactions with this family! Kristin is very heavy of heart about it and is trying to help as the woman allows.

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