Sunday, April 27, 2008

Haunted no more

Flannery O'Connor famously remarked that the South is Christ-haunted. There is a regard for the Bible, an assumption of Christian faith, and a consensus on morals that you don't find to the same degree in other parts of the country. To be Christ-haunted on a regional level, you would expect that many Southern individuals could also be described this way, and for me that is certainly true. Christ-haunted is the best description of my life in the South.

So that's why my mom was so offended when I told her that it wasn't until after college that I became a Christian! We grew up going to church most weeks. We were raised with a set of morals based on Christianity. I didn't even touch alcohol through college! Isn't all this Christian?

I certainly thought it was, until one day when I was changed. For the first time I had a real desire to know God. I dusted off my Bible that had sat unopened on my nightstand throughout college. For the first time I understood what I had said I believed all along. There is a holy God. I am a terrible sinner (even if I could dress up my external actions to look Christian, I suddenly realized my heart was clearly wretched). Christ is a mighty Savior. For the first time I loved the Cross of Christ where the penalty for my sins was paid.

Haunted no more! His death brought me to life!

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