Monday, March 17, 2008


We all know how a busy life can squeeze out time for a full body workout--BUT NOW THERE'S A SOLUTION! For a limited time only, order an exclusive video showing how dead weights are DEAD and "Live-weights" (TM) are ALIVE! Live-weights (TM) provide resistance at random times and in varying amounts generating the muscle-building resistance essential to any good workout! Plus Live-weights (TM)provide motivating noises and inspiring live-action (such as slobbering, giggling, tickling, and hair-pulling) that instill a fierceness in anyone aspiring a higher-level of fitness!

Order the TOTAL LIVE-WEIGHT WORKOUT video NOW and you will be PUMPED! Learn how the 5-year old Live-weight (TM) is perfect for curls, the 10-year old Live-weight (TM) is ideal for squats, and more! Here is a short excerpt revealing a little of the magic of the Live-weight approach (TM).

Dead weights are DEAD, so move to Live-weights (TM) NOW!


DieselRV said...

I can hear CTO Zeke now, "Cadet, straighten up that back!" "Go all the way down!" "Get that butt out of the air!" :-)

boqpod said...

I don't know if you noticed but right "next door" to your video on the YouTube menu is Jordan Temple moaning during his demo of "The Perfect Pushup"--something about having just eaten a "PBJ"---Really?---HE NEEDS ALL-NEW LIVE WEIGHTS(TM)!! :)