Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ministry Notes -- Those who don't trust the Bible

Here are just a few comments on ministry from this week. I haven't posted much on these activities before because I wasn't sure how to write things that didn't sound self-serving. But in the spirit of David Brainerd, here's a try.

I spent several hours this week with two different men talking about the trustworthiness of the Bible. One of these men is depressed and both suffer spiritually to different degrees from a weak faith.

The man I met with who is depressed knows that the darkness in his life stems from a measure of despair over not knowing what to believe about God. He's an intelligent man but has many objections to the canonicity of the New Testament. He is trying to derive what to believe about God from creation only since he can't trust special revelation. He is in a desperate condition and the plan is for us to continue to meet together with the objective of persuading him to trust God's revealed word. I am praying for him and I'd appreciate your prayers as well.

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