Saturday, February 02, 2008

Valentine's Day Challenge

I need to take more seriously my responsibility to improve my marriage. To that end, I have the following plan and would like to know if other husbands will join me with their own?

Sometime this month I will arrange for a babysitter and take Kristin out for a date. Several days before the date I will provide her with the following list of questions* for us to discuss during dinner.

1. What circumstances are challenging or troubling you right now?
2. What decisions that need to be made are most weighing on you?
3. How are you currently experiencing temptation? This week? In this season?
4. Are you more aware of your sin or how Christ is at work in you?
5. In what ways do you most need my leadership?
6. Where do you need me to provide more spiritual direction/nurture?
7. What passage of scripture would you like us to meditate on together? As a family?
8. How can I help you set priorities?
9. In what area do we need to be more unified?
10. Do you know where I most need your help/input

That's the plan. Kinda simple, but I think it'll be good. So anybody else want to encourage me in this and possibly do something similar with your wife this month?

*questions taken from Family Room blog Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg Md.


DieselRV said...

Hi Tim! Your old pal Angela here.

It's almost too much "thought" that you are putting into it....Some times women appreciate a nice, romantic relaxing date without thought provoking questions. I'm guessing a busy Mom like your wife could use some down time! You might want to consider less talk and a nice quiet dinner at a place that doesn't have kids, then a nice quiet bubble bath and foot massage for a Mom who probably doesn't get many down days like that. But, you know...I'm just a woman and a busy Mom myself...I'm sure the men will have much better suggestions. ;-)

Tim said...

Hi Angela, it's nice to hear from you.

You make a good point, and I won't ask all those questions. Most of our dates are carefree get-aways but I sense that I could use some tweaking as a husband and I hope these questions will lead to my own improvement.

You're spot-on about the importance of a down-day for a busy mom. One is in the planning stage for later this month.

crumbsonmyfloor said...

As a mom of 5 kids, for me, being took out and having these questions asked to me--in a nice, non confronting way, I would EAT it up. What wife would not want to have a grown up discussion with her husband who want to have communication. I say go for it!! Let us know how it went.