Sunday, February 03, 2008

439 words

In this space a couple of months ago I announced my intention to memorize the third chapter of Colossians (439 words) with help from a group of 7 friends. I later decided to finish this work before our pastor began preaching from the chapter, which occured today. Several of my friends finished on-time (or early) and helped me finish too.

As a result I was better prepared than usual for today's sermon. It was easier for me to understand and apply the passage as it was expounded and exhorted by our pastor. Since he typically covers a verse or two a week, it's likely that I'll reap the benefits of my group's labor for the next several month's worth of sermons!

Thanks friends for your help (and expect a small token of my appreciation soon). I plan to continue memorizing Scripture, and for the last several weeks have been learning Desiring God's Fighter verses via this free on-line program that sends me daily e-mail quizzes on a verse a week.


Jill said...

Thanks for inspiration to memorize, Tim! Chad and I really liked memorizing a passage, so we're moving on to James 3 (since that's coming up in Bible Study)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for recommending the Scripture memorization prgram online! Chris and I both signed up!

Tim said...

Jill and Chad, you continue to challenge and encourage me! I look forward to hearing James 3 from you!

Jennifer and Chris, I hope you enjoy the program, I'm really glad you signed up. It provides me with the discipline I need to make memorization part of my daily routine. And I hope it does for you, too.