Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The "spy" is falling, or, how to terrify a 5 year old

A few weeks ago during lunch with my family I mentioned an article I read that morning about a bus-sized US spy satellite that malfunctioned and will tumble to earth in the coming weeks. This news entranced Isaiah who ever since lives his life in fear, ducking for cover when outside, and in general waiting for the inevitable moment of being crushed by a burning bus from space.

I've learned that a 5 year old has no concept of probabilities or how large the earth is. Kristin and I are repeatedly asked by him whether it has landed yet. What's more, sometimes when he hears the sound of a jet flying overhead (a common sound on an air force base) he quivers and braces for impact.

I had no intention of scaring my son and so this is all pretty funny to me, but Kristin (soft-heart that she is) has compassion upon the boy. I get the evil eye from her whenever he brings it up. I think maybe she secretly hopes it'll hit me.


Megan said...

Oh, I love Isaiah stories! That one cracked me up! Although I can't imagine Kristin giving anyone the evil eye. :-)

boqpod said...

This is funny! Both the story & Megan's being incredulous about Kristin.

I want to beg & plead that you add a photo of Kristin giving an evil-eye to the camera...just to help the reader(s) visualize what you're enduring for inadvertently talking about burning buses falling from the sky :)

Jill said...


Be sure and update us on when and where this thing falls so that we can all stop watching the sky!

Pinky said...

what a great story! I can just see it now. You gotta love the mom who is so protective over her young!!! You go, Kristin!!

Derek said...

Now he'll have lots of small pieces to worry about!

Tim said...

Megan and Boqpod,

You've found me out, I confess. My wife has no evil eye, that was a foolishly embellished detail in the story that you saw right through.

I will tell you that Faith can give one very evil eye, but our camera is old and slow and by the time it takes the picture the expression is lost.

Dan said...

Tell Isaiah not to worry. It looks like the Air Force will shoot it down . http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,330696,00.html

(They don't want a bus full of spy tech falling in the wrong hands)

Megan said...

Aww bummer, I was having so much fun trying to picture Kristin's evil eye. :-)

boqpod said...


Last Sunday I asked Kristin, "Do you have an 'evil eye'?". She gave me this look saying, "I don't have an evil eye!". I could've sworn it was an "evil eye" :)