Saturday, January 19, 2008

God delivers Marie

Today we met a very special little girl. Marie was just adopted by a Christian couple we spoke with about transracial adoption a few months ago. I posted on that first discussion here.

I rejoice at how God saved Marie from abortion (her birthmom aborted 3 of Marie's older siblings and is still enslaved to a self-destructive lifestyle). What a joy it was to hold this little one today and marvel at how God had plucked her out of this situation and placed her in a loving, Christ-exalting home. I'm especially thankful to have played a minor part in God bringing this about.

Praise the Father of the fatherless who settles the solitary in a home!

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boqpod said...

Fantastic! After reading a story like this I always enjoy looking out an aircraft window (next time I fly) at a city below, at all the houses, cars - all the people - and ponder that God orchestrated from far back in eternity to bring THESE three people together for His own delight & stinkin' good reason(s)!!