Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Warning: Talking to us is likely to result in a baby

We meet lots of folks that want to talk about adoption. For all sorts of reasons very few will actually adopt some day, but that's fine, we still enjoy telling our adoption stories.

Last month we met some neighbors on-base who were eager to talk adoption with us. They were serious about adopting and had finished their homestudy months ago. However, they've had no calls about any situations which discouraged them because they're due to move out of the state next year. This would cause them to re-do part or all of their homestudy once they arrived in their new state--kind of like starting over.

They were intrigued by how fast we've been able to adopt and wanted to know how it can be done. We talked about transracial adoptions and the gospel with them and shared our adoption network contacts. They went home to think about all this. Yesterday they called to say that they decided to use our contacts and were swiftly presented with 5 situations. The first birthmother that looked at their portfolio chose them and now they're expecting to add a baby to their family in April!

If you're interested in learning how the gospel encourages transracial adoptions, this excellent, brief, and new interview is a great place to start. Of course, you can always just talk to us...

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Sharon / Markus said...

Oliver and Summer (we are their brother and sister-in-law)told us about your web page and your adoption. It is very encouraging to us as we have just begun the domestic adoption process. I've been a bit nervous about it though, because our time frame is a bit short as well. We are in MI, and will hopefully be moving to Germany in a year and a half. Can we really adopt in that short of a time? We have checked the boxes saying we would love a biracial, or any color baby, and it seems things go more quickly for those babies. You are right that is to sad to think of what that means about the minority babies. Thanks for sharing your story. Another reason I'm writing is to find out more about the contacts you wrote about. Would you be willing to share them with us once our home study is done?