Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 in the books

For several years I've compiled a list of the books I was able to read during the year. It's a way of recommending some good reads to others and to push me to read more and better books in the coming year. A couple of those lists from previous years are on-line here: 2005, 2006.

Here's the list for 2007 (reviews can be found for most of these books by searching on the title in the search window above).

  1. Called to the Ministry. Edmund Clowney. A short work full of challenging points to consider.
  2. Each for the Other. Bryan Chapell. A pretty-good, complementarian perspective on marriage. Most-lasting point: the self-sacrificing nature of love.
  3. Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children. Joel Beeke.
  4. The Mortification of Sin. John Owen. The time-tested, definitive work on putting sin to death in your life.
  5. All of Grace. John Bunyan. Autobiograpghy.
  6. The Faithful Preacher. Thabiti Anyabwile. Re-introduced us to 3 faithful and theologically-sound African-American pastors.
  7. The Reformed Pastor. Richard Baxter. The time-tested and definitive work on shepherding your flock.
  8. The Best Sermons of Jonathan Edwards.
  9. No Place for Truth. David Wells. The first in a set of wise books on modernity.
  10. The Young Peacemaker. Carole Sande. Great for families with children in elementary school and up.
  11. The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness. John MacArthur.
  12. The Bruised Reed. Richard Sibbes. Classic, Christ-exalting, puritan exposition of Isaiah 42.
  13. The Life and Diary of David Brainerd. Edited by Jonathan Edwards. One man who reminds me what it means to live for God.
  14. The Cross He Bore. Frederick Leahy. A moving, short treatment of the sufferings of Christ.
  15. When People are Big and God is Small. Edward Welch. Helpful for fighting peer-pressure and fear of man.
  16. On the Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Philip Doddridge. A book-length evangelical track in the puritan style. Also provides good prayers.
  17. The Love of God. D.A. Carson. A great approach for daily Bible reading with a brief, daily commentary.
  18. The Heart of Anger. Lou Priolo. Very helpful ideas on preventing and overcoming anger in children and parents.

This list leaves out works of fiction that I read to the children as part of their homeschooling curriculum.

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