Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Local Church

It's nice for a change to live close to the church you're part of. It makes a big difference, not just with relationships but also with service. We participated in a church visit yesterday to a local nursing home. About a dozen wheel-chair bound residents delighted us with their joyful singing. And they took delight in seeing our children dance to "He's got the whole-world in His hands" and other simple songs. The similarities of life at its extremities -- infants and the elderly -- is striking. Both groups are dependent on others for many basic needs; most importantly, for love.

Later this month the church is forming small groups, not to cloister in a home for Bible study, but to go door-to-door to find out if our neighborhood residents attend a church, and if not to invite them to ours. According to the church newsletter "only God approved excuses will be accepted on this day of representing our Triune God and showing His love for Fairborn" and we will be contacted by phone to enlist our participation. The Mormon church is not the only one who wants to speak to this neighborhood about Christ.

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