Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Family Worship

Since Eli can read well enough now, he participates more in family worship. One way is by reading the opening Psalm with me responsively (we alternate reading every 2 verses). Standardizing on one Bible translation within the family avoids confusion.

I'm regularly tweaking the liturgy, currently it looks like this:
  • Opening Hymn (first verse only, from memory)
  • Opening Psalm (a short one)
  • Gloria Patria
  • Bible Passage (short reading, lately from Portals of Prayer)
  • Meditation on Passage (lately from Portals of Prayer)
  • First Catechism , Scripture memory, or Creed
  • Missions Moment (from Operation World)
  • Prayer requests
  • Family Prayer (everyone takes turn praying)
  • Lord's Prayer in unison
  • Benediction

This takes about 20 minutes and happens between dinner and bath time. Now that I've written it out, I see that a closing hymn would be nice, too. The children especially enjoy the missions moment, where I briefly talk to them about the needs of a different nation each night. In addition to finding that nation on the globe, Eli enjoys showing everyone the nation's flag from a book he bought at a library book sale.

There's still work to be done concerning the Hebrews 12:28 command to worship God with reverence and awe, but the ants-in-the-pants are gradually going away. Also, this is not the primary time for learning new memory work, it's better if that happens other times in the day. This is simply a time of coming together to worship God as a family.

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