Monday, April 11, 2005

Air Force Academy Rejecting Christianity
excerpts from Rocky Mountain News

Air Force Academy officials described plans Friday to give sensitivity training to all 4,000 cadets and all academy personnel after charges of religious intolerance.

Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. John Rosa's religious tolerance training plan fueled debate among board members. Rep. Joel Hefley, whose district includes the academy, defended religious expression, citing slogans chiseled on the walls of Congress.

Board chairman James Gilmore III asked whether safeguarding minority religious rights could trample on others' religious rights.

"Evangelical Christians do not check their religion at the door. I think that is not understood in American society," Gilmore said. "As a result of that, we're seeing a lot of condemnation of evangelical Christians because they are seen to be aggressively asserting themselves on other people, although they wouldn't see it that way."

General Rosa closed the door on favoritism. "Title X and the Constitution tells me that I must as a commander do this," Rosa said.

"It looks like you're rejecting Christianity," board member Bob Dornan said.

"Exactly," Rosa said.

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