Thursday, February 10, 2005

Remember Foreigner?

Kristin was getting directions to an indoor playground at a local Methodist church. She stumbled across their order of worship for last Sunday, the music included:

Crystal Lewis &
Kirk Franklin

Chris Tomlin

"In The Secret"
Andy Park

"Your Love is Better
Than Life"
Wes Tuttle

"I Want to Know
What Love Is"

"We're Pressing On"
Mark Condon

I probably wouldn't enjoy singing any of this in a corporate worship service, but I can't start to imagine worshipping to Foreigner's "I want to know what love is"! That is, unless you're worshipping rockstars from the '80s...

rock on......


Amanda said...

Is this church not too far from Covenant? If it is, I have been there, too . . . and the gym stage's setup looks very similar to the one you have pictured!

Tim said...

Yes, it's the one close to Covenant.

We're glad to hear from you! I hope your drive down went well. We'll be praying for the rest of your transition (church, house, household goods, 6am start to the workday!...)

Isaiah keeps asking to play with "those Roberts boys".