Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family

(briefly reviewed by Kristin)

“Mothering in general involves a certain amount of chaos.”… “The key is to find ways to deal with it…..”

This book is about organizing the chaos of life as a mother -- from toys to doing the laundry for a large family and parenting and family advice thrown in, too. I like how Mary shares openly about how they do things at their house – although some things I do not agree with her about (sleep issues for example).

Each child is a unique individual even in a large family –a gift from the Lord. Mary shares some great ideas for celebrating each child as a blessing to your family.

Think one child is troublesome and tiring? If you can’t stand your one child whining (or fill in the blank), you need to deal with the unacceptable behavior before you end up with 10 whining kids! And Mary shares some ideas for that too.

She also has advice for new moms. I recommend the Sane Woman’s Guide to you moms that are considering adding another to your family.

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