Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A taste of death?

I've been praying for those in our church that have been laid low with a nasty stomach bug that is going around. Grace came down with it Sunday and Isaiah got it last night. I was in bed with it all yesterday myself.

It's been a while since I've felt that miserable. Since I had just taught a little on death in Sunday School (Christian and Hopeful crossing the River in Pilgrim's Progress), I couldn't help thinking about death as the hours crept by painfully slow. I wasn't up to reading for much of the day, but I found comfort in muttering through the Psalms I've memorized in the past and in praying for God's mercy on my wife, children, and friends who are dealing with this, too. Again I'm reminded of the benefit of Scripture memory and that you have to put the "key in your bosom" (my last Pilgrim's Progress analogy) before you need it.

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Haley said...

Tim, I am so sorry the Baileys got it too! We're mostly on the mend over here. Apparently it's taken out half the church. Yuck. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.