Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A name for our home

Some people, usually the wealthy ones, name their homes. Those that do this usually pick some feature of their home or life that is unique to their setting and use that as the name for their estate. When we lived in Georgia we knew a man and his wife that had a mansion on a large lot, I can't remember what they called their place but it was something like the Cedar Cottage.

Last night after battling strong-willed children from the moment I got home until the last one was in bed, the namesake for our little place came to me. We live at Fort Defiance.


Haley said...

Ha! Perfect. We'd have to call our place Whiny Willows, as that is the phase of child development we're in ... with that one child of ours. I have no idea how people like y'all (and my parents for that matter) do it with five!

Michelle said...

It sounds like I may have had a similar evening last night, but mostly just one particularly strong-willed one.