Sunday, September 07, 2008

Space Cadet

The boys and I had a great time playing "extreme lazer tag" at Hinkle this weekend. At the end of the game you get a detailed print-out that shows how you performed in the game; here are a few of my stats:

Game Duration: 10 minutes
# times you were hit: 46
# opponents you hit: 9
# shots you fired: 222
accuracy: 4%

Apparently, I was a walking target board. Each time you're hit your gun turns off for 5 seconds. Since I was hit 46 times in 10 minutes, I was "off" for almost half of the game. Not too good. Or in Hinkle's rating: I'm a Space Cadet.


Pinky said...

welcome fellow SPACE CADET! I also had a 4% accuracy rating! BUT it sure was fun! I think a church wide game is in order!

Tim said...

That was fun and next time maybe I'll be more lethal.

We should challenge another covenant group to a laser tag showdown!