Saturday, September 27, 2008


I returned yesterday from Scottsdale, AZ, the site of our latest Presbytery meeting. As usual it was a great time. At these meetings the elders of the churches in the area (for us, New Mexico, Arizona, and El Paso) meet to guide, pray, and hear updates on the spread of the kingdom throughout our area.

One highlight of this meeting was the attendance of Dr Lig Duncan (of Together for the Gospel fame). He was in town for Ligonier's West Coast Conference and came early to preach and meet with us.

He delivered an edifying sermon on preaching and then spent an hour of Q&A with us. We focused several questions on the role of women in the church, which he handled nicely, but to me the most helpful response he gave concerned unity in the PCA. You can hear both recordings here. (My goofy question to Dr Duncan is about 4:30 minutes into the Q&A session).

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