Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sanctification tests

"This is a false understanding of sanctification: that a person's level of sanctification depends on their fervor. And the goal is to increase their fervor. In the New Testament, sanctification almost always is worked out in real life, not in your private activities but in your public activities. Things like how you treat your wife. Things like how you treat your kids. Things like how you treat your fellow church members. Do you call on them when they're missing? Do you take them food when they are hungy? Do you help them find jobs? Do you support the mercy and benevolence activities? Sanctification in the New Testament manifests itself in very concrete, public ways and not in things like private journaling."

White Horse Inn broadcast titled: Calling the sheep to become self-feeders?


Dan Layman said...

excellent broadcast! i'm glad you enjoyed it. have you read "holiness," by JC Ryle?

Tim said...

Not yet. But it must be good, many people refer to it.

Thanks Dan.