Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Echos from last Sunday

This line from a hymn we sang in worship Sunday is taken from Phil 1:21 and expresses the longing of a Christian's heart well:

"...having known it "Christ to live," let me know it "gain to die."

Thank you, Mr. Wardlaw.

Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground
Ralph Wardlaw


Aakash said...

Could you please explain the meaning of those lines? I think I might understand, but please clarify.

Thank you!

Tim said...

Sure, I'll explain.

"Having known it 'Christ to live'":
The purpose of our life here is to live for Christ--to live in such a way that the greatness of who Christ is becomes clearer to all around you. Living this way we realize that we've also found the only true source of delight in this world--it is Christ.

"Let me know it 'gain to die.'"
Christians are strangers and pilgrims here longing for our real home, which is where Christ is. To die as a believer in Christ is to be made perfect and to fully enjoy God for all eternity. Thus, to die is gain.