Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Caught in the middle

Isaiah is a great little kid. As the middle child, he's the only one who can say he has both an older and a younger sister and brother. He's proving to be a good help during the homeschooling day, keeping Faith occupied so Kristin can teach the others. Here he is giving her basket rides down the hallway.

Isaiah is also a bit of a tender heart. He melts Kristin's heart with out of the blue, yet sincere, statements about how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. The kid's got heart. In this photo I caught him praying after recovering from last week's sickness.


Megan said...

That boy certainly can melt your heart! Andy and I still laugh at the adorably sincere, sweet things Isaiah has said.

Mike said...

I'm jealous of him for that -- I got everything but a little brother. It's impossible for everyone to have all those people in their lives, but I've enjoyed getting to not only have those people but take on the roles of big- and little brother to my sisters and brother.