Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The death of my enemy

While we wait for tomorrow's word on the adoption situation, I'd like to post once more on my appreciation for Christ's resurrection before these thoughts get lost in a blur of other emotions.

I like how Easter falls between winter and spring here. Some days hint at spring, with new buds on the trees and greening grass. But other days a bit of winter is felt, although it is dying out. Easter is about Christ bringing both, new life and death. It is death that preoccupies my thoughts this Easter and makes me love Christ more.

In my mind's eye I like to picture the resurrected Christ as Samson-like, one warrior bringing death to a multitude; jawbone not required. Around Him is a war-torn battlefield strewn with the dead, defeated by my Lord. I consider who these enemies are; they are the "old men", the old nature of every believer that is on the Lord's side.

In my limited way of understanding the work of Christ in time, the battle is not yet over, for my particular enemy still stands. My old man is at war with the Christ, he struggles and strives and cries out with great strength and might. But it is only dying pangs that make an appearance of vigor and strength; he, too, is mortally wounded and will soon join the rest of the slain at the feet of this sin-killing Christ.

Winter is fading away. Spring has come!

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