Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When I'm weak

I'm tired. It's only been a couple of days without Kristin here--but tonight I'm feeling pretty worn out and counting on a refreshing rest. I'm homeschooling less than she does and haven't been to the store yet--how does she do it when I'm TDY?

Over in Alabama, Kristin is probably tired, too. Last night was the first night with Zeke. When it only takes 2 ounces to fill him up, we can expect some long nights for a while.

Each time we've added a child to our family there's been a period of utter exhaustion, but after a while we find a new routine and we're okay. I hope that holds true in this case.

A large family is nothing for a parent to be proud of. A large, godly family is. I want for the strength to do this well. Leaning is the right word...for when I'm weak, He is strong.

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