Monday, September 04, 2006

"Wonderful naked guys"...funny things my kids say

Last night during family worship Kristin and I were tickled by Grace's and Isaiah's responses to questions I posed them in all seriousness.

I described to the children a field in which was hidden a pearl of great price. They could either walk past this field because they had others things to do or instead stop what they were doing and focus on finding this most valuable jewel. In the context of family worship and Scripture reading I thought it would be clear that I was describing the importance of listening to the reading of the Gospel. So when I asked the children if they were going to hunt for that pearl tonight, Grace surprised me by forcefully declaring, "NO! My treasure is in heaven; I'm NOT going to look for any jewels on earth!"

A little later in family worship I repeated a question my pastor asked during the sermon that morning. If you only had 5 minutes left to live and all the most important people in your life around you, what would you say to them? Eli and Grace answered as intended, mentioning the Gospel, Jesus, etc. I came to Isaiah for his answer, which was simply, "Goodbye!"

The title of this post comes from today's family hike through the Tent Rocks canyon. As we were making our way back down the trail, which winds through a wonderful slot canyon, another couple was coming up the narrow passageway. The man was bounding up the trail and from Isaiah's height he could only see his upper half, which was "skins." Intrigued, Isaiah loudly blurted out, "Oh, look naked men!" And then as the man came fully in view (and with his girlfriend giggling), Isaiah saw that he was not really naked and so corrected himself loudly, "He has pants! Wonderful!"

I gotta get rid of that shirt with Grant's picture on it!


yo_mama said...

Yes, please burn that shirt!

yo_baby said...

I'm rounding up those shirts--Tim gave me his. It's just the thing to wear to your promotion ceremony. I'm thinking about e-Bay for the rest of them.