Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reason #429 why I love Kristin

All her life Kristin has had a heart for missions in Africa. I love that I have to reign her back and speak patience on this (usually it's the other way around). Due to her Type 1 diabetes she's always been told she can't go. By the way, she also has always been told that she could never have children...in response to that I quote Isaiah with a hearty, "ha HA!"

We are missionaries wherever we are. I'm currently in Seattle and had dinner tonight with a group of large-salaried corporate folks. I'm to be a ambassador for Christ to them, but all they wanted to talk about is getting another drink and toys that I could never afford.

I'm trying to understand the difference between these rich Seattle folks and the dirt poor Africa ones. Seattle has good churches, the Bible in their own language, other Christians to reach them, and very few physical needs. It's the opposite where Kristin wants to be. Orphans are on her heart. Kristin's health is on mine. God has given me an awesome wife and I'd like her to be around as long as possible.

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