Monday, September 07, 2009

Back to school

Two weeks ago I traveled to South Carolina to attend orientation at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. So I'm back in school again, but barely, since I'm only taking one course a semester. My hope is to slowly progress through the curriculum so that if I retire from the AF in a few years I will have less to complete in residence before, Lord willing, being called to a pastorate somewhere.

Happily, there are many good seminaries to choose from, but I decided on GPTS because it offers a unique combination: 1. Good academics, 2. Theologically conversative professors and curriculum, 3. Affordablility ($150 per credit hour versus $300+ for other places). It's also distinctly Presbyterian which suits me well and on top of all that it's very close to home, a place I long for more after being away for so long. In God's providence, my brother lives about 5 minutes from the seminary and my mother is less than an hour away.

I'm only in the second week of class but the reading and class discussion (I listen in on class each week by downloading MP3s) has been the most enjoyable of any school I've been part of (and it seems that I've been in a lot). My classmates have started a message board and have shared e-mail addresses so that also helps mitigate some of the drawbacks of being a distance student.

As my time in the Air Force draws to a close, I'm more and more interested to know what the Lord has for our family in the days ahead.

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