Sunday, June 14, 2009

Growth in grace

Here's a pretty helpful syllogism:

1. The #1 goal in life is to grow in grace.
2. Growth in grace happens by increasing the use of the "ordinary means of grace" (Word, sacraments, and prayer).
3. Therefore I should always want more of the ordinary means of grace.

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boqpod said...

From a collection of Christopher Love's (1618-1651) sermons, "Grace: The Truth, Growth & Different Degrees" (Soli Deo Gloria):
In answer to the question: How may a man know himself that he is but of a little measure, and small beginning in grace?

To be set on the exercises of religion, as to neglect our particular callings is a sign we are but weak in grace. It was a good saying of that famous man of God, Dr [Richard] Sibbes: "I like that Christian well that will hear much & live much, that will pray much & work much". In young converts, the affections are strong & stirring, & they think they can never hear enough. Many times they neglect the duties of their callings which argues their weakness & infirmity. An experienced grown Christian is regular in his general & particular callings, so that the one shall not jostle & hinder the others".

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