Thursday, January 15, 2009

Over the holidays...

...we bought a lot of books that we (okay, I) had been waiting to read for much of the year. I've enjoyed going through them and here are the ones that really stood out.

The Loveliness of Christ is simply a pocket-sized edition of choice quotes from The Letters of Samuel Rutherford. The little book punches beyond its weight. Its tiny pages contain rich encouragement, faith, and love for our Savior.

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers is for young children (1-3 yrs). It's short, simple and attractive enough to keep their attention while teaching God-centered theology.

John Calvin: Christian Biographies for Young Readers. This is a really attractive volume, full of interesting facts for young readers (ages 7-11). Readers will come to know Calvin’s personality, his devotion to God and the church, and the personal challenges he faced. They will also have a glimpse of life in sixteenth-century Europe, stricken by pestilence, poverty, and wars.

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Kelly said...

i'm totally buying all 3 books in the big thoughts series. thanks for the suggestion!