Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Teaching children to have daily devotions

We're gearing up for the new homeschool year which will start in a couple of weeks. Most of our supplies are in (more great books!!). The new thing this year will be to train Eli and Grace to have daily devotions. I plan to use this approach:

[H]ere is a priceless suggestion from pastor and homiletics professor Mike Bullmore, on how to teach your children to read the Bible.

When each of his children turn eight, Mike buys them a journal. A nice one. Then he tells them, “Tomorrow, we are going to have devotions together and do something that I hope lasts the rest of your life.” The next morning, he has the child begin reading a chapter a day in the Bible, starting in one of the gospels.

To help them meditate on what they’ve read, Mike has them write two simple sentences in their journal. One begins with the word “God” and one starts with the word “I.” Each day, Mike reads what his children wrote, a practice which gives him a unique window into their soul.

Once his children fill up their journal, they go on a special date with Daddy to buy a new one.

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Margaret in VA said...

We start even before then...training them in the habit of a personal devotion time. We give the little toddler a picture Bible story book and instruct them to sit beside Mommy or on their beds and look at a particular story, remember the details and pray. We guide them with questions afterwards.

Later, we actually hang a poster we make with the elements of a quiet time.

The question starters are a good idea, though.

Tim said...

That sounds like a good approach. Thanks for sharing it.