Saturday, November 11, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts here recently. As I transition into active service as a church elder again it's been a challenge to faithfully maintain my other vows (marriage vows, children's baptismal vows, promises to friends and family, and oath of office) and also not lose focus on my personal walk with Jesus. The blog and a couple other things had to be curtailed.

I've been traveling some recently and was able to do some good reading and helpful listening. Here are the general topics: religion of the African slaves and the mass conversion of this people group to Christianity, neighborhood evangelism and persecution, the spiritual life of theological students, and the nature of personal sacrifice.

I'd like to come back and post more specifically on some of this material soon. If any of the topics especially interest you, let me know and that'll encourage me to get started.


Cody said...


As a history major, I must demand that you tell us more about the book on African slaves and Christianity! Please. :)

yo_mama said...

Any of those topics would be great.

Brad said...

Another vote for the conversion of African slaves topic.

Thomas said...

I feel the same struggle to keep all of my vows which I come up short on everyday. However, I am thankful that we have a savior that keeps his perfectly. God Bless.