Monday, October 23, 2006

Better late than never

My essay on the Transformation of Islamic Mass Culture was published in the Journal of Political Violence and Terrorism this month after 14 months of edits and revisions. The abstract can be read here. This is my first published piece.

Today after way too many weeks I finished Covenant Seminary's course on Church History (from the Reformation to present). David Calhoun gave the lectures. I had the privilege to take a class with him in person a few years back; he's everything you'd want in a seminary professor. I looked at the other courses they have for free on-line; I think I'll go with Jerram Barrs' course on apologetics and outreach. Kristin and I enjoyed sitting through a different class he taught once before. Calhoun and Barrs share a love for Francis Schaeffer's work. The time they spent with him has clearly shaped them and it is my hope that it will form me.

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