Monday, August 15, 2005

Adoption Update (The Biggie)

Welcome Faith Alethea Bailey!

The adoption is not official yet, but the birthmother surrendered her rights to the child (she has until Saturday to change her mind). Faith is currently with a foster family until we can pick her up. The adoption is very likely; however, there are several things that concern us and we ask for your prayer. Specifically, that a fingerprint check (on us) would go through quickly, the birthmother to have peace of mind with her decision, the birthmother's recovery from an emergency C-section, that paperwork would go smoothly, and the travel arrangements.

We should know more as the week progresses, but we hope to bring baby Faith home in the next couple of weeks. We greatly appreciate your prayers.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

My mother once teased me that she should have named me Florence (her mother's middle name), so that my initials would be FAB. Well, I'm athinkin' those are pretty fab initials to have. My heart and my eyes are overflowing for y'all. Welcome, precioous baby girl!

Barb said...

Will be praying!

Mark W. Balthrop said...

Alethea is Greek for "truth". How appropriate!

Anonymous said...

How truly awesome! We are praying for you!!
Love, The Pickles

Melene said...

Oh, this is just wonderful. She is beautiful and I will definitely pray about this for you! I'll share the news with Joe, too!

Tim said...

Thank you everyone for prayer on our behalf. Here's some more info:

Baby Faith was born on Saturday. She's healthy and, as you can tell, beautiful!

As of last night the birthmother still felt that, given her situation, adoption is the best option. However, she has until this Saturday to change her mind.

Assuming she doesn't, Kristin will fly out on Saturday to Birmingham and hopefully will receive Faith on the Lord's Day (that has a nice sound to it). She'll stay with the baby at her parents' house there until the legal actions are complete. Meanwhile, I'll stay home from work and keep homeschool going with our other children.

If I am patient enough to wait a few weeks, the next photo of her I post will be a glorious one--the baptism of this daughter of the covenant! God is good indeed.

Suzanne said...

How glorious for you all! She's just beautiful!!
Praying everything goes smoothly from here on out.

beth said...

she's beautiful. congratulations! I'm here through Melene and wanted to say I'll be praying too.

Amy said...

She is beautiful!